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Revenue parking system is a management of parking area to produce real time and good profit by using automated parking system facility at each entry and exit point.

It is an approach for generating revenue streams in addition to the obvious reduction of parking problems. Revenue parking system allows a greater management control in parking system and helps easily address security concerns.

System Benefits

  • Generate Profit
  • Improves Facility Management
  • Monitors the Entry and Exit of Vehicles
  • Established Efficient Flow of Vehicles
  • One Time Investment Only – No recurring Cost



  • How Car Parking System Works?

    Unmanned Entry Parking System

    • Loop Sensor detects the vehicle and enable voice prompt and card dispensing.
    • Parker will push the green button as instructed by the voice prompt to release card from the dispenser.
    • CCTV camera captures vehicle’s image when the parker remove the parking card from the dispenser
    • Barrier opens automatically after getting the card from the dispenser.
    • Closing loop sensor triggers the barrier to close when the vehicle passes on it.
    • Safety Photocell prevents the barrier arm from going down when the vehicle still blocks the line of sight of the sensor.



    The unmanned system is equipped with industrial hardware and has failure indicators to easily diagnose system flaws. It also reduces the man power which helps minimize monthly cost for parking funds.

    Manned Exit Parking System

    • Parker will return the parking card to the teller to determine parking charges and allow exit when paid.
    • POS screen displays the live streaming video of the vehicle at the exit lane to compare with the entrance captured image for verification.
    • The Cashier will input vehicle’s plate number, transact parking card and allow exit upon payment.
    • Closing loop sensor triggers the barrier to close when the vehicle passes on it.
    • Safety Photocell prevents the barrier arm from going down when the vehicle still blocks the line of sight of the sensor.

    VIP System Flow (Using Mifare Reader)

    • Registered Card are pre-issued to the seasonal VIP parkers. When reach the card dispenser, VIP parker should Tap the VIP Card to the dispenser.
    • Barrier automatically opens when the registered card tapped and automatically closes when the vehicle passes on the loop sensor.
    • When exit, the parker will again just tap the VIP card to the VIP reader to access barrier.
    • Log in and Log out of the VIP parkers will be recorded in the server and report can be generated to review.

  • Car Parking System Hardware

    Intelligent Card Dispenser

      • Car Parking Card DispenserThe card dispenser contains the motorize reader/writer that will issue Mifare card upon receiving command from the green/releasing button. It was designed to be activated by the presence of vehicle in front of the card dispenser. It will not release card unless the digital loop detector is triggered. The releasing of card serves as a triggering control to the barrier arm to open automatically and allow vehicle’s entry. The design is customized for an effective and efficient functionality.

    Road Barrier

      • CAME Gard 3 Road BarrierThis product is engineered and manufactured by CAME cancelli automatici s.p.a. and complies with current safety regulations.The control panel works on 230V a.c. of power, 50/60Hz frequency. Both command and control devices and accessories are 24V powered.The barrier arm completely opens in just 2 seconds. Fast road barrier specifically designed for control of passenger way up to 2.5, 4 – 6.5 meter wide. Powered by 24 V DC to be applied in intensive use conditions. G400 Barrier can be connected up to a back-up generator to ensure operation even during power failures.

    RFID Card Readers

      • RFID ReaderIt is a type of automatic identification method that relies on storing and remotely retrieving data using devices such as Magnetic Stripe Card readers, and Tap Card readers. They are mainly used in revenue control competencies.

    CCTV Camera

    • Hikvision CCTVCCTV Cameras are integrated in the system to increase security. The cameras continuously record the incoming and outgoing vehicles in the parking area. The system is designed to capture images of every vehicle passing the entry and exit lane using the CCTV (IR) Camera.

  • Car Parking System Software

    The Parking Management Software is where admin configures parking system network, set user management, parking rate settings, and view/download transaction’s report.


    • ISA, Inc. GUI PMS Screenshot ImageImage above is the main Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the ISA, Inc. Parking Management System.
    • ISA, Inc. GUI POS screenshot imageImage above is the Main Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the ISA, Inc. Point-Of-Sale.